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Marine Operations

Marine Consultants and Offshore Engineers

Marine Operations 

MSB Ltd. takes pride in its marine operations capabilities. The Company has provided Marine Consultants, Offshore Construction Managers, Marine Representatives and Marine Advisors for some of the most challenging projects in Europe, Far East and the Caspian Sea.

Pipelay and Cable Installations 

Subsea cable and pipeline installations are another very strong area of our portfolio. We have mobilized CLVs and PLVs, prepared concepts for cable installations, developed procedures and have been in charge onsite for a number of cable and pipelay projects.

Installation of Fixed Platforms and Floatover Operations

The company excels in floatover operations, cable and pipelay installations. We have provided Consultants and Installatio n Superintendents for nine Top Sides floatover operations ranging from 2,800 to 9,200 mts. The world’s largest forklift floatover of the Korchagin WHP Top Side was performed by our personnel in 2018.