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Offshore Engineering

Marine Consultants and Offshore Engineers

Offshore Engineering Capabilities 

MSB provides specialized services in various offshore engineering fields. The engineering branch specializes in the design, modelling and analysis of fixed and floating structures for a range of offshore projects and marine operations.
MSB has extensive marine and engineering experience in pipelay, cable lay, complex mooring systems, floatovers of topsides and substructures, jacket launches, heavy lifts, oversized cargo load-out/-in operations at beach landing facilities, seafastening of cargoes.

Pipelay and Cable Installation Analyses

MSB has successfully engineered and executed cable lay and pipelay operations from ultra shallow water (5.4m water depth) to ultra deep water depths in S-Lay and J-Lay configurations with various vessels. The products analysed and installed include inter-array cables, export cables, umbillicals, export and infield pipelines with synthetic coating, pipelines with concrete weight coatings above those listed in accepted industry offshore standards, PLET installation, subsea infrastructure installation using cranes with and without AHC.
Notable analyses performed for the above products include Hydrodynamic Analysis, Normal Lay analysis, Fatigue analysis, Pull-in analysis, Initiation Analysis, A&R Analysis, Second End Laydown Analysis, PLET Installation Analysis, etc.

Mooring Analyses

MSB has performed extensive mooring analysis and R&D of complex systems such as gravity based permanent moorings for VLCC FPSOs, moorings for vessels in channels during load-outs of Topsides, shared anchor systems for floating offshore wind farms, mobile moorings for pipelay vessel operation above existing infrastructure, DP analysis, etc.
MSB personnel has been awarded multiple engineering awards, most notable of which are the MCEED 2019 ECE Overall Best Presenter Award, and the 2021 STU award for mooring analysis of complex gravity based mooring systems for VLCCs.

Marine and Concept Design 

MSB performs hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis, as well as vessel intact / damaged stability and loading condition calculations for all projects, where necessitated.
MSB has produced concept designs for Beach Landing Facilities for Pile Load-outs/-ins.