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Marine Consultants and Offshore Engineers

Approved Marine Warranty Surveyors

MSB core business is providing Marine Warranty Services for all parties concerned in warranting of marine operations and installations since 2006. 
Our surveyors are one of the few accepted by insurance underwriters as approved Marine Warranty Surveyors. They are full members of SOMWS in all four categories – Oil & Gas, Project cargo, Renewables and Rigs/MODU.
MSB has been awarded a number of very high-profile Marine Warranty Contracts and exceted them to the best industry standards.
MSB has long standing contract with the world’s leading consultancy DNV GL Noble Denton marine services for provision of surveyors with respect to marine warranty and marine consultancy services. We are the largest supplier of MWS surveyors to DNVGL Noble Denton ms. In addition we perform Marine Warranty Services for Global Maritime and RINA Consulting on regular basis.

MWS for high-profile marine operations 

MSB is very experienced and provides marine warranty services for high-profile marine operations :
– Towage, positioning and installation of Platform Jackets and Top Sides;
– Installation of subsea pipelines and power cables
– Floatover Installations of Top Sides;
– Offshore Heavy Lift Installations
– SPMT operations of super heavy modules (over 14,000t)
– Towage and emplacement of MODUs – dry and wet;
– FPSO Installation and Hook-up.

Providing MWS services worldwide  

MSB has sufficient dedicated and experienced personnel in marine operations, transportation and engineering to successfully complete any MWS scope wordwide.
MSB has teams based in India, Singapore, China, Turkey and Russia.
All reviews of Project documentation as well as operational aspects are managed by MSB Head Office in Varna.

MWS Project Management

MSB has developed its own in-house management system for MWS Projects. The system is available online and can be accessed by U/Ws to review and keep track of progress and costs.
The system holds the MDR and Project Documentation, all issued CoAs with respective checklists and complete record of all attendances.
The servers are based in MSB Head office and all information is stored locally for security reasons. No information is held in clouds or other public storage solutions.